What ApologyPlus offers is far more wholesome than pseudo-apology

Pseudo-apology serves none of us. Even my Dad (who was quick to apportion blame in the past) gets this & gets what ApologyPlus offers.

Transcript of the above film (written in 3rd Person):
"An apology from X, at this stage, could not be sincere:
First, X needs empathy for the pain he has experienced as a result of his interpretation of what happened.
2) X will then be more easily able to recognise the distress/harm caused to Y & Z etc
3) Genuine regret can only be expressed when X appreciates the harm his actions have caused
4) Z's concern/interest is in X being able to distinguish between what happened and how X interpreted what happened. Z would like an agreement about what actually happened so that we can learn from it.
5) Z would like X to get help from a mediator to distinguish between the facts and X's interpretation (just as Z is doing)
6) Z looks forward to an exchange of communications via X's chosen mediator, demonstrating what X & Z have learned from this episode."

Now try slowing down with your stories of blame and find a better way through all this by using (& providing feedback on)