England - Pakistan - Umpire Darrell Hair: Apology? (Oval test match -cricket)

Is an apology due? Who has been handling this issue sensitively? Ian Botham has said:
"Apart from umpire Darrell Hair monitoring paceman Mohammad Asif shining the ball, Sky Sports have no footage which suggests any ball-tampering malpractice by Pakistan yesterday.
To accuse an individual, or a team, of cheating, you need conclusive evidence -not just to look at a few scuff-marks and make assumptions about how they got there.
And you need to inform the public of what is going on.
It was absolutely appalling that paying customers had to wait so long to find out what was happening.
It's a great shame that an intriguing Test match should be overshadowed by such a sensitive issue which, paradoxically, has been handled with such insensitivity."
Remember the phrase "It's just not cricket?"
(Source: BBC Message Board: Message 8) & October 2007 update:

Saturday news story from Conflict Resolution Network UK
New Initiatives from Mediation UK
Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Conflict Resolution Network UK

ApologyPlus and CommunicatingNeeds are two new initiatives from Mediation UK, launched at a special event with Dr Marshall Rosenberg, originator of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Dr Rosenberg created the NVC model of compassionate communication more than 30 years ago in the USA, in response to the violence he witnessed in society. He now travels the world sowing the seeds for a nonviolent culture, teaching people from all walks of life. For a fuller introduction to NVC, from Marshall Rosenberg himself, log onto Peace Talks, an online radio station that spotlights peacemaking and nonviolent conflict resolution strategies, by clicking here. The event itself was an enormous success with 88% of respondents rating the event with very good or excellent.

ApologyPlus, as its name suggests, helps us do more than just say sorry. As the homepage of this web-based resource states, when people want an apology they are often looking for empathy, remorse, reparation and changed behaviour. The website helps to explore what is going on between you and the other person, and how you might choose to communicate with them. Ultimately, ApologyPlus seeks to encourage people wanting apologies etc to refer themselves to local mediation services or to access mediators and Nonviolent Communication practitioners by e-mail and phone.

CommunicatingNeeds is the sister site of ApologyPlus. It assists the visitor firstly, by helping them fully identify the problem; then, it helps the visitor analyse their problem in more depth by looking at their feelings and those of the other party; lastly, it helps the visitor consider how they can resolve their situation.

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