Truth and Reconciliation in Glasgow?

One of the Bristol 'slavery apology' debate organisers has let me know of plans to take the debate -with a Truth & Reconcilliation panelist- to Glasgow next:

Andrew Kelly from Business West emailed too say:
I thought the debate was helpful and useful and hopefully we can move things on. I agree with you on the truth and reconciliation aspect - in fact, I amplanning another debate on this issue, this time in Glasgow for next February, and am trying to get Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela who served on theTruth and Reconciliation Commission and has a book out here later this year on her experience which covers forgiveness. I've already spoken to Ekow Eshun about participating. We hope to pursue these debates too as part of our reading project early next year which covers slavery in part. I've read the Apologist, too. Regards, Andrew


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