Friday launched at the largest ever UK Marshall Rosenberg event

380 people were present for the launch of ApologyPlus. Banners flew from the balconies. (These banners are available for places where the TV cameras are interested in Apology issues; e.g. Ken Livingstone, Kate Moss, Prince Harry, the Home Office?).


At 11:27 pm, Blogger Sheilagh Gunston said...

Hi Paul,
Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the day with Marshall Rosenberg.
Mediation Wales will be having our networking event in Llandudno Junction and I will be running a workshop on apology incorporting some of your materials and ideas as we discussed.
Interested in MR's perspective on apology v sincere mourning and have added it to workshop.
I shall pass on info re blog and site.
Great work with site and blog. Lots of food for thought!
Kind regards,


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