ApologyPlus is on-line is now up and running as a basic website. It is imagined that the ApologyPlus website will be promoted by many as a place for people to take their frustrations, regrets, and interpersonal issues. From the ApologyPlus website, the user has an option to learn more about apology, including an extract from the "Power of Apology". After reflecting on the value of apology to the website user, the user is encouraged to access all the resources of which is being built both as an interactive-empathy site, facilitating Nonviolent Communication and as a referral route for mediation services. is only one of many issue and/or context based websites that may bring someone to an interest in NVC-mediation. (Please build the other websites to route people to .) Meanwhile please take a look at what conflict-resolution potential may be built on the web at
Please use the 'feedback and suggestions' option on the left of the pages.


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