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To take a sneak preview of a new Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Conflict Resolution and Mediation Website go to
Please go to the 'about this site' page and then join the CommunicatingNeeds yahoo group to participate in the development of the site.
Once the 21st May 2006 'discreet NVC and mediator' launch of the hub site has passed, much of my focus will be on funding applications to create and publicize tailored websites to link to .
Whilst Apology remains my favoured issue to link to, there are many other issues and contexts which could be developed by anyone as gateway sites to :
(Issues: e.g. Accusations, Anger, (Avoiding Litigation), Regret, Separation)
(Contexts: e.g. Business, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Health Service, Neighbours, School, Workplace)
The funding applications will both be for developing sites and for publicising them, which is why I'd really value some comments and creative sparks, either here or at the CommunicatingNeeds yahoo group.


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